A Year of Picture Books

Stuck on what book you and your kids want to read? Well here’s a calendar with a book for each day of the year! Keep checking in every month for a new list of books to read!


1Bruce’s Big StormRyan Higgins
2Elbow GreaseJohn Cena
3Turkey’s Eggcellent EasterWendi Silvano
4Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible HugJonathan Stutzman
5My HeartCorinna Luyken
6Once Upon a GoatDan Richards
7Sophie Johnson, Unicorn ExpertMorag Hood
8365 PenguinsJean-Luc Fromental
9Make Way for DucklingsRobert McCloskey
10What Kind of Car Does a T-Rex Drive?Mark Lee
11Madeline Finn and the Library DogLisa Papp
12The Donkey EggJanet Stevens
13Thelma the UnicornAaron Blabey
14Busy BabiesAmy Schwartz
15QuietTomie DePaola
16There’s a Hole in the Log on the Bottom of the LakeLoren Long
17Felipe and ClaudetteMark Teague
18Not Quite Snow WhiteAshley Franklin
19Unicorn DayDiana Murray
20Madeline Finn and the Shelter DogLisa Papp
21The Night LibraryDavid Zelster
22Inside My ImaginationMarta Arteaga
23If I Was the SunshineJulie Fogliano
24Grumpy DuckJoyce Dunbar
25Parade of ElephantsKevin Henkes
26Zola’s ElephantRandall de Seve
27How Do You Dance?Thyura Heder
28Daniel’s Good DayMicha Archer
29The Lost BookMargarita Surnaite
30The Little Red Cat Who Ran Away & Learned His ABC’sPatrick McDonnell