Checking Out Books, etc.

If you have a library card in good standing, you may check out up to 25 items, including 5 movies.

All items check out for two weeks.  Items are not due on days we are closed.  

Fees & Fines

As of January 2020, Patrons are no longer charged late fees for overdue items, and outstanding late fees are being forgiven.

Items that are more than four weeks overdue are deemed "lost." If the materials are not returned, patrons will be charged for the cost of replacing the missing materials.

When/if "lost" items are returned, the fees will be automatically removed from the patron's account.

Ebook and Downloadable Audio Books

Limit: 6 ebooks or downloadable audiobooks at a time.

Time: 7 or 14 days, depending on the preferences you apply to your account.  They are automatically checked in on their due date and have no late fees.  

Bike Locks

You can check out one bike lock at a time.

Bike locks are for single-day use only and are intended for the patron to use to secure their bike or scooter while they are using the library.

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