Recently the library’s Board of Trustees voted to update our computer use policies.  They had not been revised in some time and did not adequately serve their purpose of ensuring safe, equitable access of our computers to all our users. Technology and our users’ needs are constantly evolving, and our policies and procedures must change accordingly.  The bulk of the update involved removing some outdated language restrictions that were no longer needed.  We removed a line that prohibited the use of our computers for commercial business and some provisions that were no longer necessary due to the unattended minor policies we updated earlier this year.  We also clarified the language that described the various laws that dictate which content our Internet filters must screen out.  We updated some of the language about minors to reflect our overall building policies about unattended minors, which were updated earlier this year.  

Most of these updates will not result in noticeable changes to our service and the bulk of our procedures remain unchanged.  However, we have implemented one new policy that will affect patrons who use our computers during our busiest times, which are typically late afternoons, Fridays, and Saturdays.  Our policy has always been to limit computer use sessions to one hour if all computers were in use and other patrons were waiting.  The policy contained no provision specifying how many sessions one patron could have.  This would result in some issues as some users would get several hours while other patrons would have to wait or leave and return another day.

As a result we have added a new limitation.  This limitation, like our one-hour limit, only goes into effect at times when the computers are busy and we do not have enough to serve all patrons who wish to use one.  The new limitation restricts users to two sessions per day with a one-hour waiting period in between.  We hope that these limits will ensure no patron has to wait for an extended period before accessing a computer.  

The library recognizes that many of its users may need more than one or two hours to complete their work.  We would encourage anyone who needs extended computer time to visit us during our non-busy hours.  We are open Tuesday through Friday 9 AM to 6 PM and Saturdays 9 AM to 1 PM.  Our busy times are Tuesday through Thursday beginning at 4 PM and all day Friday and Saturday.  By avoiding these times, you can greatly reduce the chances of encountering a waiting list or time limits on your computer sessions.  In addition, WiFi, tables, and power outlets are available throughout the building, and patrons may use their own devices for as long as they wish.  

You can view the full policy here.

We hope that these new policies will alleviate some of our issues with overcrowding and waiting lists and offer a better experience to all our users.  As always, we appreciate your feedback.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please call us at 918-367-6562 and speak with our director.