Get Your Kids into Reading

A few of our favorite tips from around the web:

Simple Ways to Encourage Reading

  • Let your kids have their very own library card.
  • Let your kids pick out their own books.
  • Have a “no electronics” time set aside for creative play or reading.
  • Sing a book together.
  • Be reading buddies. Take turns reading out loud.
  • Read to your pets or find a ‘read to a dog’ program.
  • Let your kids read the books that they want to read.


How do you keep your kids involved in reading?

Summer Reading 2016 is Almost Here!


Get Ready to move with us at the library this summer! We are all about sports, wellness and fitness. This year’s theme is called On Your Mark…Get Set, Read! We have a fun summer planned and sign up will be happening soon.

How many books can you read over the summer? Get in the spirit of our theme and try to out-pace last year’s records.