Support the Library

There are many ways you can support the library.  The best way is to use us!  We receive funding from the city and the state, and being able to show what a valuable community resource we are is crucial.  Come visit us, check out our books, download our digital materials, use our meeting rooms, and take advantage of the research & genealogy materials we offer.

Donations of Books & Media

We accept donations of books, DVDs, and audiobooks on CD.

PLEASE do not throw your donations into our book drop.  That is only for returning checked out books.  For donations, please come inside and ask for our director to take a look at them.

Books must be in new or gently used condition.  We cannot accept items that have water damage, torn or missing pages, or substantial damage to the cover, such as dog chew marks.

All donated books and movies will be considered for addition into our collection using the guidelines set forth in the Materials Selection policy approved by the Board of Trustees.  Items that meet our requirements may be rejected for other reasons depending on the library’s needs.

Items that do not meet our criteria for addition to the collection will be sold in our book sale or turned over to our partner Better World Books.  To learn more about how we work with Better World Books to handle our discards in an environmentally and economically sound way, click here.

WE CANNOT RETURN DONATIONS TO DONORS.  By leaving your donations with the library, you agree to our donation terms and conditions and accept that the books may be kept, sold, or discarded as we see fit.

Other Donations

Gifts requiring special handling or items specifying the donor on a donor plaque will be subject to agreement between Trustees and the Donor. The Trustees reserve the right to dispose of “plaqued” equipment and books, if those items outlive their usefulness.

All monetary gifts will be placed in a fund for purchasing new materials, unless the donor designates a specific use for the funds.  The library and Trustees reserve the right to refuse encumbered donations if the desired use of the funds does not uphold the library’s mission.