The Seed Catalog

Ready to plant your garden? Come by the library and check out some of our seeds! We converted one of our antique card catalogs into a seed library that you can use for free. This program is perfect for beginners and is especially great for any gardener who only needs to plant a few seeds of certain plants or just want to try out new varieties!

Borrowing Seeds

All of our seeds are donated by patrons and made available for everyone! All you have to do is come in, go to the catalog, and take whatever seeds you need. It’s that simple!

All we ask is that you only take what you need and leave some for others. After the harvest, please let your plants go to seed and donate some of them back to the library so we can add them to the catalog for next season!

How to Donate

Thank you for donating seeds! We’ll be happy to take whatever seeds you have, whether they’re unused store-bought packets or home-harvested seeds!

While donating seeds, please call us ahead of time to give us a heads-up and so we can ask or answer any questions. Before bringing them in, please make sure the seeds are:

  • Still viable, dry, and healthy.
  • Labeled correctly with the name, variety, and date they were bought or harvested.

Thank you!

Local Garden Clubs & Organizations

Bristow Garden ClubFacebook

Digital Gardening Resources

BLOGSBifurcated CarrotsBlog
Chiot’s RunBlog
Mustard PlasterBlog
Pith and VigorBlog
Plants are the Strangest PeopleBlog
Skippy’s Vegetable GardenBlog
Tiny Farm BlogInstagram
You Grow GirlBlog
The Farmer’s AlmanacWebsite
Garden BeastWebsite
The New Farmer’s AlmanacWebsite
SeedStarting 101 (Free E-Book!)PDF Link
DATABASESNative Plants of North America
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Plant Finder
Missouri Botanical Gardens
GENERAL GUIDESGardening Know HowWebsite
Growing the Home GardenWebsite
PBS PROGRAMSCentral Texas GardenerWebsite
Oklahoma GardeningWebsite
PODCASTSA Way to Garden
Podcast and Blogs of top US Horticulturalists
You Bet Your GardenWebsite
REFERENCE LISTSWildflowers of the United States: Oklahoma
Reference list by multiple organizations in collaboration.
SOCIETIESRoyal Horticulture SocietyWebsite
STATE AGENCIESOK Department of Ag, Food, and ForestryWebsite
OK Forestry ServiceWebsite
UNIVERSITIESOSU Division of Agricultural Sciences
& Natural Resources
OSU ExtensionWebsite
YOUTUBEGardening By the Yard (With Paul James)Playlist

Garden Planner Apps and Sites

Please note, some of these resources require users to set up (free) accounts with their email address. Some also offer free trial versions and more advanced versions for a cost. Some are mobile optimized (they work well on tablets and phones) while others are best used on laptops and computers. 

Garden Planner ToolA free, easy to use web-based planning tool for figuring out how to maximize your garden plots. Maximum size of the tool is 4×4 ft, but you can easily section off and plan square by square.
No login required, we recommend using a computer.
Kitchen Garden PlannerFrom Gardener’s Supply Co., this free web app is also a garden planner where you drag and drop vegetables onto a grid to figure out how to maximize space, with the added bonus of giving information about each plant!
No login required, we recommend using a computer.
Garden PlannerComputer program that can be used to draw blueprints to design gardens along with patios and yards.
Downloadable Free Trial, must use computer.
Gardena MyGarden PlannerA free garden and yard planner that allows you to place objects, buildings, and plants on a grid to design your backyard!
No login required, we recommend using a computer.

Please Note: This is a UK based web tool, so it uses meters instead of feet. The conversion is 1m = roughly 3′ 3″.
Vegetable Garden PlannerA powerful interface that can be used for free at the base level to plan out your garden and geared specifically towards vegetable and herb gardens. Can be used on the computer AND as a phone app.
Sign-in required, but FREE to use for basic program. Advanced tools require payment.
BBC Virtual Garden PlannerA 3D yard and garden building program that allows you to see what your backyard designs could look like!
Free to download, No login required, must use a computer.

Please Note: The BBC seems to no longer support this garden plan, but the program is still downloadable on their website. So if you want to try it, it still works well on laptops and desktop computers.
PlantaA mobile app that allows you to track custom care schedules for individual plants, manage growing spaces as a whole, and diagnose and treat health problems in your garden.
Free to download, login required, certain features require a subscription of $3.00 a month.