Our Literacy Programs

Do you know somebody who needs help learning to read, write, use the computer, or wants help becoming a US citizen? We’re here for you! Our library has a digital literacy and citizenship program as well as being an AmeriCorps host site for the Textual Literacy and English as a Second Language programs!

For more information, please contact:

Kim England
Adult Literacy Coordinator
AmeriCorps Service Member
Beth Baugus
English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor
Citizenship Corner Grant Facilitator

Digital Literacy

M&ABJ Bristow Public Library works to provide 1:1 assistance to those struggling with digital navigation. However, due to under-staffing, this assistance is not always available on demand.

To set up an appointment with our digital literacy coordinator, please contact:

Cody Kincanon
Digital Literacy Coordinator
AmeriCorps Service Member

Our Adult Tech Ed class helps adults master modern computer skills in a small class setting. Learners will create a personal Gmail account and learn how to use Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs as well as about digital citizenship, netiquette (digital etiquette), and digital safety.

ATEd meets every Friday from 10 AM – Noon in the main conference room. Participants are encouraged to bring lunch. Coffee is provided.

Textual Literacy

Our Read with a Friend program gives one-to-one assistance with adults who seek to improve their reading skills.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

We work with English Language Learners to improve their English-speaking, reading, and writing skills.


We work with citizenship applicants to help them prepare for their civics and language exams.