Adult Tech-Ed

Adult Tech-Ed
build computer literacy skills together! (coffee provided!)
Friday 1-3 pm

Did you know more than 50 percent of Americans over age 50 in the United States have below-average levels of Digital Readiness (Pew, 2016)? Also known as Technology and Internet Literacy, below-average Digital Readiness levels in our community are roughly 70 percent (Community Interest Survey, 2022). Whether you call it TIL or Digital Readiness, these skills are tacit knowledge skills or those that are best learned by experience.

There are many contributing factors to low TIL. Largely, those aged 50 and older in rural communities simply have not had suitable access to the Internet and computers, at least not often enough to practice and grow their skills. The Bristow Public Library offers Adult Tech-Ed to address these issues.

The class teaches learners how to create and use email, and how to become more proficient in professional applications such as Google Suite and Microsoft Office. Additionally, it explains and examines the framework of the Internet so adult users have a better understanding of the World Wide Web, different web browsers, various online platforms, social media, and how they all fit together. The class also teaches best practices in how to be safe online. Finally, the class introduces learners to Canva, a user-friendly web-based graphic design platform.

The focus of the program is to introduce learners to skills and resources they can use for personal and professional advancement. Classes occur in 4-week-long units, and each class builds upon lessons learned in the prior class. At this time the class does not teach skills pertaining to mobile phones and tablets.

The class is offered Friday mornings from 1-3 PM. For more information, email us: or call the library at (918) 367-6562.

For those who wish to follow along with the classes remotely, we have also provided presentations below!

To speak to the class instructor about any questions, please contact:

Cody Kincanon
Digital Literacy Coordinator
AmeriCorps Service Member


Community Interest Survey. (2022). Bristow Public Library.

Horrigan, J.B. (2016). Digital Readiness Gaps. Pew Research Center.