Library Print Shop Prices

Printing from library computers – 25¢ per page

Need to print from a patron device? Email it to and print from a staff PC.

Patrons may provide their own copy paper, resume paper, or card stock and print or copy at 10¢ per page.

Copying – 25¢ per page

Faxing – local numbers* 25¢ per page

long distance numbers, $1 per page

All faxes are sent with a complimentary library cover sheet. 

*Please note that some 918 numbers are considered long-distance.

Laminating – 25¢ per page or card

For best results, use card stock.  Inform patrons that anything laminated may not survive the process! NEVER laminate anything valuable or fragile. Per the Social Security Administration, please do not laminate social security cards.

Die Cutting – 25¢ per page used

Colored paper or card stock is available at the die-cutting station. If that paper is used, the charge is 25¢ per page used. Patrons may provide their own card stock or art paper and use the machine at no cost.